Release SAYMON 3.1.73

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We are pleased to present the new version of SAYMON 3.1.73! This release simplifies the SAYMON installation, thanks to the ISO-assembly and the possibility of installation through package managers. And for those who have been with us for a long time, we offer to evaluate the night design theme, the advantages of integration with Jira and a simplified configuration through the Web UI.
The list of updates for this release:

And now more about each opportunity.


Agent and server installation throuhg package managers (DEB, RPM)

SAYMON can now be installed via standard package managers of Linux, which greatly simplifies the administration of the system. In particular, thanks to the package manager, it’s much easier to update SAYMON to the latest version (this can be done with one command). We support two package formats: DEB and RPM.


ISO-assembly SAYMON

We try to make the start of work with SAYMON as simple and fast as possible without additional restrictions and unnecessary requests for technical support. A downloadable ISO-assembly can be found on our website, installed on a physical or virtual machine and immediately begin using SAYMON.


Server configuration in the Web UI

Functionality of the SAYMON web interface is enriching with each release.
To save administrators from having to edit the SAYMON settings file, it is possible to configure the server through the Web UI. The window with configuration options consists of two sections, the parameters of which are identical to some settings of the configuration file. The list of options available in the web interface will be updated in the future. All changes you make are automatically applied without necessary server restarting.



Integration with Jira

The system for setting and controlling tasks is a necessary tool for project management. Functionality of SAYMON identifies problems, thanks to Jira, they are automatically fixed in the client’s task-tracking, organically fit into its business process and provide additional control and save time for performing routine tasks.


Web interface themes

The web interface is the main tool for working with SAYMON. With each update, we try to make it even more understandable and enjoyable for users. In the drop-down menu of the toolbar you can find and create your own opinion about the night theme of SAYMON. Based on their wishes, there is always the opportunity to return to the light theme.



Column charts

Have you heard about such types of graphs as bubble diagram, fan or matrix? This is the top 3 of the most original and difficult to understand graphs.
We in SAYMON see no reason to complicate the perception of data and lower the level of readability. Now the user can choose the types of graphs that everyone understands: linear and histogram.



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