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BLE_C2We can not stop to experiment, we can not stop to invent!

Today we will tell you about an experiment with automatic control of the presence of a person in a zone – an employee at his workplace or a close relative at home.

This time we decided to use BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth LE). This technology is good because it allows you to register the presence of a person without his or her actions. The owner of a fitness bracelet or smart watch will appear in the scanner’s range and our system will register this fact. It is enough for a person to be absent for some time with his device in the range of the BLE scanner and the system will register the absence.Thanks to the SAYMON system, the fact of the presence or absence registration can be automatically processed – an e-mail alert can be generated, the automated scenario provided for the situation can be triggered, and at the end of the day or week a report can be generated, based on which conclusions about human behavior.

The cost of a suitable fitness bracelet in retail networks today is something like a $5, you need to charge it once a month and you don’t even need to wear it on your hand – it can lie in your bag or pocket.
The range of the scanner is up to 10 meters, and the frequency of searching for devices in this range can, for example, be 10 seconds. Sensitivity and sampling frequency can be adjusted and tuned.

The scanner can be connected via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G, 4G, LoRaWAN or NB-IoT with the SAYMON system installed in the Internet or Intranet (in a public or private cloud) and provide a fairly wide class of services. In some cases, it is justified to use this technology as an access system – access to equipment, for example, in a data center server cabinet or for opening doors to an office. Scenarios for unlocking a computer workstation or accessing an ATM can be implemented, of course, in compliance with the appropriate security measures and an additional authorization loop. One of the simple usage scenarios is the familiar intercom – just open a door when a flat or house owner is coming. For many scenarios, a local automation circuit is justified – when relays or lock drives are connected to the scanner and the logic is triggered without communication with the cloud, but the facts of operation, settings of logic and access rights are made from the cloud system.

Thanks to the scalable architecture of the SAYMON system, a mass service can be built on the basis of the proposed solution for a large number of clients with different access rights and in various logical combinations of processing. For the given variant of controlling the presence of devices in the scanner range, the logic of processing the presence of several devices at one point or the presence of certain devices at different points with automatic launching of the processing script is configured. It is possible to form an action or notification both in the historical course of events and in the determination of non-characteristic (abnormal) device registration activities.Already today,

SAYMON as a technology platform is used to solve various tasks in the fields of IT (information technology) and IW (Internet of Things) in fairly large and responsible projects. All that can be measured electrically – and today it is almost everything – can form the basis of an automatic processing scenario, recorded and reported.

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