What is SAYMON

Ease of use

Intuitive interface helps users not to waste time for training, but immediately get to work. Setting platform is simple and clear, despite the abundance of features.


Powerful tools to customize the platform, the appearance of the counters, links, graphs, charts and processes. Each user can get individual display options based on personal preferences.


Provides an ability to assess at a glance the entire infrastructure of the company, its processes and performance. All information is available for rapid perception at any time and for any period. Various presentation of data in graphs, charts, meters and schemes helps to create personalized information space.


Provides access to the complete history of measurements in real time. The size of the storage software is unlimited. Integrated mathematical analysis makes it possible to analyze long-term changes and dependencies.

Complex IT-infrastructure and processes monitoring

Provides complete monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components: hardware, software, services, communication channels and network services, system metrics and status, and tracks compliance of processes and standards.


Platform core based on unique algorithms aimed for the incredible speed provides ability to display any amount of data in less than a second. The response to user actions is instant and allows you to work with data, rather than wasting time waiting.


Our highly skilled specialists are glad to assist you in any convenient way - by e-mail, skype, phone, online documentation, video tutorials or seminars. You can always get help, no matter how complicated your question is.

Use cases

When to use SAYMON? What are the most reasonable situations? Check out the various use cases below.


We already know the answers to most of your questions. Most likely in our list you’ll learn everything you wanted to ask about SAYMON platform, technical support and features.