The modern pace of life makes very high demands on the quality of voice and data communications. Stability and reliability of communication channels, access speed, the level of coverage of different areas and regions, service infrastructure performance and efficiency, visual representation of the IT landscape - everything matters and requires a reliable monitoring system.

SAYMON will allow you to remain an industry leader and provide your customers the best opportunities and the highest quality of services.


Customer satisfaction of the purchase process and after it - one of the main tasks of any online store. 50% of buyers do not wait for the website to load slowly and 22% never comes back.

The speed of access to the website from different regions, the availability of private sections and partners services, servers utilization during peak hours and prediction of necessary resources for sales periods, compliance of logistics processes and much more - are problems that SAYMON takes over, granting you additional time for other important tasks.

Banks and financial organizations

The modern banking structure is inconceivable without computerization and automation of most processes. Different departments have completely different set of hardware and software subsystems to monitor.

Among the most typical areas for monitoring there are: correct operation of online banking and its servers, ATMs, mission-critical banking software, architecture scaling forecasts, processes and procedures adherence, IT infrastructure reliability, availability of partners services.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment industries have been always attracting users, providing demand and, consequently, high level of competition. Moreover, it is very important to ensure full satisfaction of customers.

The set of parameters requires constant monitoring and optimization: server load and possible downtimes during peak hours, availability of websites and media-content from different regions, stability of content delivery networks, utilization of servers and data storages.

Reliable monitoring system - one of the ways to ensure profit in a highly competitive business.

Health care

Rapid technologization of health sector presents high demands on the quality and reliability of all subsystems - responsibility for the lives of people is too high.

The monitoring system helps to watch the health of patients, analyze its dynamics and notify critical changes, ensures continuous monitoring of indoor microclimate, helps to get statistics on the incidence in different periods, provides validation of medical equipment and software.

Internet of Things

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly pervades our lives - smart appliances, "smart home" systems, automation of familiar things and devices. And number of such devices and systems goes up every day.

The key to the successful operation of IoT systems is the stability and quality of the Internet channel, ensuring interoperability of devices and their management; tracking the status of individual devices and their groups; ensuring interaction of devices by certain algorithms. Monitoring and management platform is the core segment of the IoT concept, without which the system operation is impossible.