MongoDB - high performance document-oriented database with great read/write speeds and excellent scalability. Using MongoDB in SAYMON allows to store any amount of information and provide it with minimum delays immediately upon request.


Node.JS - cross-platform runtime environment built on V8 engine. V8 - the coolest, fastest and most powerful engine compiles JS-code directly to native machine code that allows to overcome the speed all the other engines.


Redis - "key - value" NoSQL in-memory database. Redis keeps a database in RAM and it is insanely fast. This allows to gain the huge performance of SAYMON.


OpenTSDB - a time series database optimized for handling time series data, arrays of numbers indexed by time. Allows SAYMON to draw lots of graphs for long time periods in seconds.


Java - cross-platform programming language that provides ability to use SAYMON almost everywhere. Among other advantages - high security and reliability of software written with Java.


Docker - an open-source engine that automates the deployment of applications in a lightweight, portable, self-contained containers that can be transported without changes between servers. This allows to deploy SAYMON in a very short time.