Business owners

Your company information is spread before the eyes:

current financial indicators
quality of services
serviceability of equipment
quality of Internet channel
equipment utilization
KPI of the branches
execution of processes
website traffic

Administrators of IT-systems

Managing IT-systems with maximum convenience:

state of server hardware
performance of communication channels
IT landscape visualization
control of KTI (Key Technical Indicators)
notifications on failures and malfunctions
state of user computers
software performance
server room microclimate

Marketers and Analysts

Analysis of the performance and reliability of operation in any context:

website performance
analysis of landing pages
effectiveness of advertising campaigns
competitor analysis
goods transportation and logistics
business metrics analysis

Medical personnel

Tracking of key health indicators becomes easier and clearer:

temperature monitoring
pressure and pulse tracking
notifications on critical values
history of measurements analysis
interactive map of measurements
medical equipment control


You are always sure of the quality of services provided to you:

availability of communication channels
website outages
server utilization
server downtime
compliance of processes
availability of services in the regions
performance of third-party services