What SAYMON can control?

SAYMON - object-oriented system - allows to describe and control any structure of elements with any level of nesting. SAYMON solves the problem of automated and visual monitoring of information and communication resources, infrastructure and business levels. Examples: the room temperature, the intensity of traffic, accomplishment of key performance indicators, the performance of the business processes.

What you need to install SAYMON?

Virtual or real node in the network. Public organizations can use SAYMON Cloud solution.

What is the minimum recommended node configuration?

We recommend you to start with one unit with: 64-bit OS, 2.4 GHz / quad core CPU, 8 GB RAM, 72 GB HDD.

Who can install SAYMON?

Your system administrator can install and configure SAYMON with the help of online-manual or our support team.

How long does it take to deploy SAYMON?

In the simplest case - 1 hour!

How long does it take to setup SAYMON?

You can see results in several minutes after the deployment. In complex cases there are careful analysis and description of all types of enterprise processes in SAYMON required, so it can take some additional time.

What user needs to start?

The user needs only Google Chrome browser and access to SAYMON via local network or Internet. Owners of iOS and Android devices are able to access the system by installing the appropriate application.


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